About Us & Our Team

Our team is committed to Fair Pricing and Fast Service for you and your clients.

We are based in Boston, MA, and have over 50 years of experience with life settlements.

We know how this process works best, and we want to work with you!

Our Team

Meet Our Expert Team Members

James Hickey

James Hickey oversees strategy and infrastructure. Mr. Hickey has his BA from Harvard University and MBA from U. Penn Wharton.

Corey McLaren

Corey McLaren oversees the policy acquisition process and business development. Mr. McLaren has his BA from Penn State.

Steve Smith

Steve Smith oversees legal and compliance. Mr. Smith earned his BA from the University at Buffalo and JD from New England Law Boston.

Jake Glovin

Jake Glovin oversees policy pricing and analytics. Mr. Glovin has his BA from Boston College.