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Fair Pricing Program

We give your client a fair price upfront.
We don’t low ball or bait and switch.
The Agile Guarantee

Fast Service

We can price your policy within 24 hours and close in a few weeks rather than the usual 3-6 month process that comes with using middlemen.

Privacy &

We are HIPAA certified and a direct buyer. Your client’s personal and medical information is protected.

Agile Referral Program

By working directly with Agile instead of sending the policy to middlemen, you will receive attractive compensation.

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All real stories, case studies, and transactional data provided and contained on this website are based on the internal files of actual viatical and/or life settlement transactions processed by Agile, and the specific characteristics of each case, including but not limited to the names and images of our clients, have been changed to protect their privacy

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Common Frequently Asked Questions

We make the process painless & fast. All we need to give you a binding quote is a policy illustration and short medical interview. 

We can then move to a formal contract. Paperwork is filed with your carrier, and your payment is put in escrow. Once the insurance company processes the paperwork, escrow is released and you get paid. 

We like to keep it simple!

We can give you a binding quote within 24 hours of obtaining the policy illustration and short medical interview.

We then move to paperwork to finalize the transaction. We can have the sale paperwork in your hands almost immediately. 

Typically, the longest step is just waiting for the insurance company to process the paperwork – which normally takes 2-3 weeks.

If you are a senior citizen, your policy might be worth A LOT more than you think! 

For a non-binding preliminary estimate, use our Policy Calculator. For a formal quote, please click on “Get a Quote:”

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